List of tested devices

SIM cards from Japan Travel SIM powered by IIJmio have been tested to work with the following communication devices.


  • - If the device does not support LTE, the device can be used on a 3G (W-CDMA) network.
  • - Only mobile devices supporting LTE or 3G and having the certification of conformity with the Technical Regulations Conformity Certification, etc., of specified radio equipment have been tested.
  • - Testing has not been conducted for all apps.
  • - We are not responsible for cutting SIM cards or for the use of SIM adaptors. Such actions must be performed at the customer's own risk. If any problem such as that including malfunctions occurs, we are not responsible for providing any guarantees.
  • - For SIM-free devices and NTT docomo devices, unlocking the SIM cards is not necessary. If you use a device other than an NTT docomo device, contact your supplier regarding the possibility of using, including unlocking, the SIM card. Please note that this SIM card cannot be used with au devices.
  • - For further information regarding the tested devices, see the list below (Japanese only).

About SIM card size notation.

●Regular/RegularSIM (25mm×15mm)
●micro/microSIM (15mm×12mm)