Setting the APN

Insert the SIM card into the device.


1. Wear gloves and push the SIM card upward from the back.
2. Pull out the pushed-up SIM card to remove it from the card completely.
3. Turn your device off, insert the SIM card, and turn the power on again.
* For details on how to insert the SIM card, see the manual for your device.
  • * Go here to learn how to remove the SIM card from your iPhone or iPad.
  • * For information on devices other than iPhone or iPad, contact the manufacturer.
  • * When SIM cards are not detected by your device please try to check again. If the same situation occurs, please contact us.

APN settings

Name iijmio
User name mio@iij
Password iij
Authentication type PAP or CHAP
  • * The set-up procedure and the setting names may differ depending on the OS and/or OS version of your device.
  • * The images in the manuals are from the English version of the operating system.
  • * Contact the service provider in the event you need to: - Reset your device to its previous state (as it was before using Japan Travel SIM), or - Swap to a thrid-party's SIM card.

APN Settings for iOS

If you cannot set APN manually:

1. Use Safari to download the APN configuration profile from the link below.
  • * The APN configuration profile has been created by us. Please note that we are not responsibility for guaranteeing anything regarding its use.
  • * Your device may behave unexpectedly depending on the iOS version.
2. Tap [Install], and then [Install Now].
3. Tap [Done]. The setting is now complete.

If you can set APN manually:

1. Tap the [Settings] icon on the Home screen.
2. Tap [Cellular].
3. Set [Cellular Data] to ON, and set [Enable 3G] or [Enable LTE] to ON.
4. Tap [Cellular Data Network].
5. Enter the connection settings. The setting is now complete.

APN Settings for Android

1. Tap the [Settings] icon in the app list screen.
2. Tap [More...] from [WIRELESS & NETWORKS], and then tap [Mobile networks].
3. Tap [Access Point Names].
From the [+] or menu button, tap [New APN], and then enter the settings.
4. From the menu button, tap [Save]. Return to APN list screen and tap the created APN radio button. The setting is now complete.

If the back of the package is red, the service start process completes by doing the first communications.

if the back of the package is blue, proceed the following service start process.

User information registration

1. Access the URL below.
2. Log in using the phone number and pass code.
* These are described on SIM card..
3. Agree with instructions and privacy policy for the use.
4. Register user imformation.
5. Confirm registered information.
6. Completion.